Pere Lopez economistes is a partner of Morisson Ksi, an association of independent fiscal assessment and audit firms. Morison Ksi is represented by 351 offices in 84 countries worldwide distributed.

Each member of Morison is an independent entity which manages its own operations. This fact ensures a complete knowledge of local rules and cultures by each office of the group, what is essential when funding and developing a business.

Being part of Morison Ksi implies being a prestigious firm that provides high quality specialized services. Our international organization is focused in practical and commercial assessment, in order to satisfy specific needs.

Morison ksi provides to its partners and its clients a worldwide access to professional accounting, audit, tax assessment and high quality consulting.

Morison Ksi has an strict selection process looking for recruiting only relevant independent associated firms. The environment provided by the association enables firms to share knowledge and networking with other professionals, to take advantage of quality training acts as well as satisfying the international needs of its local clients.

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