Business management

We are living a moment of internal and external economical changes.
In this economic situation it is crucial to lay out with the best management tools. Having access to the most adapted management tools can be a determining factor for firms and businesses competitiveness.
One of the main deals for good business management consists on being provided with key data concerning it. It also consists on taking advantage of this data through the management tools that we create according to the firms structure and to their economic sector, as or example:

  • Support in the design, implementation, and monitoring of indicators looking at business' decision making and evaluation
  • Support in the implementation of dashboards and in business' activity monitoring
  • Implementation of management tools as for example budgetary management, analytical accounting or processed-based management
  • Collaboration in the design and the effective implementation o strategic plans regarding medium and long term
  • Collaboration in the design and implementation of management control reports containing a set of key data of your business
  • Analysis and support in the realization of viability plans for reconversion and innovation in business activity


Audit and limited audit or analytical accounting are services that contribute to create added value within the company and within the set of its business partners: clients, suppliers, financial entities and insurance companies.
Audited accounts are an added guarantee and thus reinforce the firm's image through its collaborators and partners.
The auditing procedures that we apply lead to a deep revision of internal control procedures and, as a consequence, to the issuance of a recommendation report addressed to the company management. This report represents the achievement of our auditing tasks.
We can also implement more restrictive procedures of revision, according to the firm's requirements regarding internal control, management or the fulfillment of legal obligations.

  • Issuance of auditing reports for companies, businesses or corporate groups
  • Limited audit with legal, fiscal or judicial effects
  • Limited audit related with management evaluation tasks or the improvement of monitoring mechanisms
  • Analytical revisions of annual accounts and issuance of management reports regarding improvement possibilities associated with the formulation of the annual accounts and other aspects corresponding to internal management

Accounting assessment

Accounting is the essential tool in order to obtain information about the result of business management.
A correct holding of accounting is the one that achieves to deliver relevant, useful and verifiable information regarding the management of a business.
We offer an integral service regarding the holding of the accounting that can include:
  • The most appropriate computer solutions, so the most adapted to our country's economic and legal framework
  • An integral holding of the accounting
  • Supervision and assessment tasks related with the holding of accounting lead by the client
  • Preparation, based on the internal accounting record of an specific client, of the annual statements and management reports


The fulfillment of tax liabilities has to be done through the cooperation with experts able to ensure the correct completion of tax settlements as well as their adequacy to the accounting reality of the business.
The accomplishment of this set of liabilities has to be done trough the most appropriate business and accounting structure regarding decision making with fiscal implications.
At the same time, it is important to analyze correctly decisions concerning, between others, assets' accounting, assets' depreciation, accounting provisions and other accounting and fiscal adjustments.
Our services include:

  • Support and assessment during the preparation of tax settlements
  • Assessment regarding decision making with fiscal implications
  • Assessment regarding the creation of optimal structures for businesses and personal wealth


Our country is living a process that will probably lead to a progressive internationalization of our economy. In that context, our knowledge of the essential elements concerning the Andorran future tax framework and the international taxation enable us to become the necessary medium to internationalize the activity of Andorran firms and to receive international investors in Andorra.
Our services in can include:

  • Processing of foreign investment requests
  • Tax planning and management
  • Transfer pricing reports

Expert opinion

We issue reports related with expert opinion and related with judiciary processes.
The goal of our work is to provide arguments for the determination of the characteristics, causes and the quantification of the accounting, economic, and financial facts.